About Counselling

Counselling gives you the opportunity to explore whatever you wish to bring in a supportive, empathic environment, free from judgement.  Having this space can help us see our life more clearly.  Through exploration, we can increase awareness in ourselves, recognise any changes we want to implement and begin to see a way forward

As a counsellor, I don't advise or tell you what to do and I can't change your situation.  What I can do is walk alongside you, offering support and empathy as you explore aspects of your life and any difficulties you may have, helping you to see things more clearly.  We know ourselves better than anyone else and I believe everyone has their own answers within them.  Working with a counsellor can be an enlightening process uncovering these and working out what we need to move forwards.

Counselling can help with many different aspects of life including:

I have experience and theoretical knowledge of Autistic Spectrum Condition and neurodivergence including ADHD.  It has been a privilege to use my knowledge and experience to help and empower many clients struggling with aspects relating to these.

I also have knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis and experience of counselling those living with this condition.

My experience includes counselling for MIND, MS-UK, within Primary Care in a GP surgery and for a Community Economic Development Trust in Plymouth.  I am also a trained Samaritan and have Social Prescribing experience and extensive knowledge of national services relating to mental health, wellbeing, autism and neurodivergence.

Please contact me on 07485 736476 or at lindahendersoncounselling@gmail.com for a free 20 minute consultation over the phone or online where we can discuss your needs and explore how we could work together.

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